Caribbean Destination Wedding - Wedding Dresses

There are a handful of tips I give every bride before walking down the aisle (and some for the guys too). While I can give lots of guidance during the formal photos, I rarely have that luxury during the ceremony. These simple tips help every couple get great ceremony photos.

  • Smile when walking down the aisle. I know there’s a lot going through your head, but you want to look happy in the photos.
  • Look up! Even if you’re not comfortable in your shoes, I can’t take a good photo if you’re looking at your feet. Take all the time you need… nobody is starting without you, and the slower you walk, the more photos I can take.
  • Shoulders back, especially if you’re wearing a strapless dress.
  • The first kiss should be nice and long, to give me plenty of opportunity to get a good photo. The crowd will love it too! (Or break it up into 2 kisses.)
  • Pack a snack. Your appetite will come back with a vengeance after the ceremony. You don’t want to cut the formal photos short because you’re starving.

If you’re still planning your wedding, here are some other things to consider:

  • If you’re having an outdoor wedding during the summer, consider light-coloured suits for the men. Black tuxes are killer in the summer heat.
  • Guys, get a haircut a few days before the wedding. Do it at least a few days before so it doesn’t look freshly cut. Ask your hair dresser for a styling lesson so you can look your best on your big day.
  • Invite me to your wedding rehearsal. I’m happy to attend because it makes my job easier on the wedding day.

I’m happy to discuss any and all aspects of your wedding, with you and your wedding planner, to ensure everything goes according to plan and I capture the best photos possible. Contact me today!